Mustard Seed: 21st Century Woman Event

On the 3rd of September 2023, Mustard Seed, in partnership with KW Kreatives, hosted the inaugural 21st Century Woman event. In an effort to bring together women who strive to be the best they can be in their entrepreneurial ventures, the event aimed to highlight all aspects of the essence of being a woman and a woman in business by touching on the highs and lows of the running a business and how woman can continue to be the best versions of themselves at all times. As the woman came together, it presented them with the opportunity to network, relate and form relationships that will aid in their growth as woman and entrepreneurs.

Thokozile Mcopele, our vibrant MC and panel moderator, guided us throughout an insightful and inspiring day with sessions from a host of speakers and panelists.

Maanda Tshifularo opened the event with an insightful discussion on living a life of intention and purpose. He highlighted that as we grow, it is key that we become so deeply in tune with our values and core beliefs that they are consistently loudly evident in all we do. The attendees then heard a powerful message from Prof. Mamokgeti Phakeng on how you should live in your truth. That can only be possible once you know exactly what your truth is and how you want to present it. Mbali Sebapu beautifully detailed how betting on yourself can be the best decision you can make. In making a choice that is a display of your self-belief, you are able to discover your why and make decisions that are directly related to that.

Our wonderful panelists, Yolisa Tshabalala, co-founder of Imizizi, and Hetty the Entrepreneur, South Africa’s number 1 monetisation expert, provided the ladies with an in-depth glance into running a successful business, how to ensure you are accurately charging for your products and services and developing a great core system to ensure that you never sway away from the fundamental culture of the business.

To round off an inspiring day with beautiful and intelligent women from all backgrounds, the team from INSEAD presented an insightful presentation into the history of INSEAD and the courses it offers. With stories from the alumni, the women were able to gain insight into one of the top business schools in the world. Although the programs are rigorous, the students leave with a world of knowledge about business and how to implement their studies and experiences in their home countries.

After a day of learning, networking, meeting, mingling and taking the first steps towards becoming a 21st Century Woman, we are sure that this will not be the last event. The power of a woman does not rest in the home. There is a plethora of oases at her footsteps. It is up to the women around her to ensure that she knows she is well equipped to dive in, swim and come up for air whenever needed. Not because she is alone in doing so, but because she has a school of women diving in with her ready to help her breathe whenever she needs it.

Mustard Seed is an organisation founded in 2018 by Linda Omara-Koledade, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our primary objective is to engage, equip and inspire professionals and entrepreneurs in the following strategic focus areas such as leadership and entrepreneurship. The Mustard Seed platform further offers our audience the opportunity to accessrelevant resources, networks, and mentors with the aim of unlocking untapped potential and fostering accelerated growth and innovation that is needed to thrive in their respective career or line of business.